Kate at work
Kate at work

Welcome to LASER GALLERY CA! My name is Kate Kraversky, and here is my story.

It all started with making wooden medal hangers – how could I resist that, being a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt myself and having three talented BJJ sportsmen in my family (my husband and two kids)! Someone had to organize those medals anyway 🙂

Step by step, I developed additional lines of laser cut and engraved gifts for LASER GALLERY CA that you can find in Shop Sections and following social media links. There are many interesting special projects that I’ve posted on Instagram – it’s worth to take a look!

As a hopeless perfectionist, I treat every order with great care and attention to the detail. Most of the items in LG shop are personalized, and so are the orders – each order receives individual approach and special attitude. So don’t hesitate to ask me questions and tell me about your creative ideas! You can do it using the contact form below.

Thank you for visiting and happy browsing!

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